Spring Yardwork

Today, Lisa and I set aside the day for spring yardwork. The lawn was a mess this winter and it’s finally filling in after heavy seeding and careful watering. Not to mention that I roped the whole front yard off to make sure the kids stay off it. Between the heavy use the lawn gest with the kids and the over-watering, fungus, and other pests, the lawn did not grow well last year. I told the  kids they can go back sometime in June, which gives me another 4-6 weeks to let the lawn establish itself. We don’t have a large plot, so the front-yard is a play area I want them to have. I just want to avoid a muddy wasteland. Lisa did a ton of mulching and the yard is looking very neat and orderly now.

We opened the pool  last week and this weekend I tested the water and added a few chemicals to get it all back in shape. I opened up our big filter and cleaned it thoroughly with a hose. I skimmed out tons of leaves that had settled at the bottom and set our robot on automatic suck-it-up for the rest. I cut away one of our trees in the back so our fig tree would get more sun. It looks like a really bad hack job and Lisa is kind of mad at me. Hopefully it won’t look so bad when that fig tree fills in that space.

My BBQ was very dirty so I took it all apart and wet/dry-vac’d the insides. I even took the burners apart, cleaned them, and replaced the cross-bars with new ones from the BBQ store. I was pretty careful to put it all back together but somehow I was left with 4 parts I can’t figure out a home for. I tested and didn’t smell gas so I think it’s good.

We found a mouse in the pool and I fished it out. Sera grabbed the tail and ran around the yard scaring her brothers with it. She’s such a brave little girl.

Sera's Mouse

Tonight, I’m catching up on e-mail and enjoying a beer brewed in NJ called Tripel Horse. It’s a decent Belgian-inspired tripel that’s bringing a nice calm to the evening.


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