iTunes DRM Free Music

I noticed that iTunes has added a feature whereby they will replace songs you purchased on iTunes with a DRM-free “Plus” version for $.30. The “Plus” songs are recorded at 256Kbps in addition to being DRM-free.

I’m listening to about 6 songs that I upgraded as an experiment ($1.80) and so far they sound pretty good on my headphones. I wonder if any of my audiophile friends can tell me specifically what I might look for between the 128Kbps mp3’s and the 256Kbps versions… My naive ears hear a bit less “noise” in the background (though not the noise you hear on a radio… more like a slight din of crap). I wonder if I’ll notice a difference in my outdoor speaker system during the summer (ah… summer).

Anyway, I’m not going to “upgrade all” and spend $80, but might upgrade songs on some of my favorite playlists.