This is How We Roll in India

Texting on a motorcycle. Now I’ve seen it all.

Flying Nickybeans

This is what we do at work when we’re waiting for software to deploy.

Oh, and this too:

Half Mile!

I swam 17 laps in the pool today. The length of the pool is 25 yards and I went there and back for each lap. I did 5 laps, 6 laps, and 6 laps. 17×50 yards = 850 yards. There are 1760 yards in a mile, so I did basically a 1/2 mile swim in 3 sets. I rested about 60 seconds between sets. This was in a pool so it wasn’t as hard as the half-triathlon I’m doing in two weeks. Still, I had some steam left. This was a big confidence booster.

I’ll be going again on Wednesday and Friday and then twice next week. By Sunday the 31st, I should be good to go. Of course, once the swim is done, I have to get on the bike and do a 20k ride and then a 5k run. I think I can do it. I’m not going to win any medals, that’s for sure, but I think I can do it.

In July, I have to do double all of this since the Nautica NYC Triathlon is the real deal… 1 mile swim, 40k bike ride and 10k run. Shit.