Spring Running

So, Spring is here and I’ve officially started training for my season of triathlons and the Ragnar Relay. As usual, I’m starting off heavy, about 195 lbs. Last year I think I may have lost 5 lbs. the entire season, which sucks. I blame that on not really training hard enough and not having nutritional philosophy. What basically happened is I worked out and then consumed 2x the calories I just burned because I was so hungry, and not healthy food.

This year, I have some difficult races that I simply do not feel I can do at 195lbs. So, there is my motivation. In June, I have a Ragnar Relay. This is a race where 12 people get into a van and run from u pstate New York to the Bronx. Each runner doing three legs. I have the easiest assignment: 3.9 miles, 3.5 miles, and 3 miles with very easy elevation gains. In July, I have the NYC Triathlon. This is a 1 miles swim in the swift Hudson, 40k bike, 10k run. Last year I did it in about 3 hours, 30 minutes. This year, I want to do under 3 hours. At the very end of the season, I have a Toughman half-Ironman. This is the mack-daddy race that I’m simply not ready for. 1.2 miles swim (in still water), 56 mile bike, and a half-marathon.

Yesterday, I ran a little over 6 miles. Last week I did a little over 4. For the 6, I averaged 14 minute miles, which is like I was fast-walking. Still, I stuck it out and felt pretty strong. I’m controlling what I eat, too, hoping to keep my metabolism and enzyme levels in fat-burning mode all of the time. I’ll be swimming once a week and doing bike once a week. I also took a Yoga class which was taught by a Triathlete Yoga instructor and she told us how to use Yoga to recover and strengthen your core. So, I’ll work on that too.

When it warms up, I’ll do 2 runs, 2 bikes, and probably keep swimming as a once a week activity just because it’s such a pain to get to the pool. Last year I stopped going to Tae Kwon Do the entire time I was training, over 4 months. This year I’m going at least once a week to make sure I continue to advance that. I’m trying to get my son Marco into sparring too, so hopefully that will get me back into training for a tournament in the fall.

As usual, I can’t do any of this without the support of my family and friends. I appreciate any words of encouragement you can offer!


I added wp-syntax to help make the display of source code in this blog more legible, and colorful.

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Here is some Java:

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