July is almost over

Somehow, July went and became almost over in the blink of an eye. I did the NYC Triathlon again, but I didn’t beat my time from last year. I finished 3:39, or so and I did it last year almost 10 minutes faster. My only explanation is that I trained a lot more on the running this time around and I ignored the bike and the swim. That’s ok, there is always next year.

This coming weekend is camping, yay! Can’t wait to hang out with the Szinger family and friends. Should be a great weekend. I need to dig up that camping checklist. One of the items I know I have plenty of is propane tanks. I have no less than a dozen of these at various stages of use. Should be plenty for a few weekends.

This weekend’s camping trip kicks off a week off work, which is something I’m looking forward to. I’m hoping to go to the beach a few times, go to our local waterpark out in Riverhead, maybe go to New Jersey and play Magi Quest, possibly a Zoo, etc. The kids are excited and we hope to be in the car a lot and out and about. While I love our pool and the serenity of our backayrd, we all need to get out and have some fun.