LI Broncos: Week 7

Ok, so both of my sons’ teams won their games! This ends a 3-game losing streak for both teams.

Marco’s team played on Saturday night at 8pm, at home, under the lights. The funny thing about that is 8pm is more or less past most of these kids’ bedtimes. A friend of mine came with his two boys (which was awesome) and we watched the game together. Marco played safety for the first time and did pretty well. He was playing strong-side safety and I’m not 100% clear what that is but it seems like he’s safety on the side with the most open field and thus most likely to get run through by the running back. But I could be wrong. I swear, I’ve learned more about football, positions, and how the game is played in the past 2 months than I have in my whole life. Anyway, we won 21-, well I forget. Our record is now 5-2 and you can see the latest standings here.

Antonio’s team played on Sunday morning at 10am. We played a team that people were saying hadn’t won a game yet. While my heart was with them, I knew that our boys could really use a win (even if the other team needed it more). Well, we won and it was great. Antonio was moved off safety and onto the defensive line. He said he likes it better so I’m cool with that, although I think safety plays more to his strengths. The thing about his performance that I was most proud of was how he supported his team even though he didn’t have a heck of a lot of game time. Antonio is a rookie and he’s learning the game and seems to love every moment of it. If you remember, he was ready to quit at the beginning of the season. So happy he is sticking it out. Bronco Blue’s record is now 3-4.

Before Antonio’s game, my new Canon s95 camera broke! I was heartbroken because it wasn’t a cheap little camera and I had a good feeling they were going to win the game. The lens stopped retracting right and eventually the whole thing just froze up. I went to Best Buy immediately (because I normally procrastinate this kind of crap) and although I was beyond the normal return deadline, they made an exception and offered me a brand-new camera. So lucky! Best Buy rocks!