LI Broncos: Week 5

Yesterday marked the first game in the second half of the LI Broncos regular season. Both my boys were in some interesting games. I’ll be as brief as I can. Pictures/video will follow in another post.

The story for yesterday’s Bronco Orange (Marco’s team) starts at practice last Thursday when our star running back broke his arm in a freak tackle accident. It was a pretty bad break and practice ended early. On Saturday morning, I saw Marco in the fullback position and running offensive drills with the QB and the other fullbacks. Marco was pretty excited about the new assignment though I made sure to stress the honor he was given. On Sunday morning, we drove to Malverne to see if we could make it without our starting running back. We found the other team only had 10 players and you need 13 suited up. While the other team officially forfeited, we still played since all of the kids were pumped up. In the end, we would up losing! We definitely miss our star running back! Marco was playing offense and defense as usual and had one carry which didn’t go anywhere as the offensive line leaked like a sieve. Hopefully, Marco will get a full week of practice in the new position and they will give him more carries. Record is 4-1 now.

Antonio’s game was in Rosedale, which is directly next to John F. Kennedy International Airport. During the entire game, gigantic jets were close enough to touch as they continuously landed on the strip just a few hundred yards from where we were playing. Yesterday was the homecoming game for Rosedale, so they had a continuous stream of home games. They had music, a PA system, cameras, and a pretty impressive BBQ going on. Cheerleaders were on the sidelines and there were tons of families enjoying the day. Needless to say, we got creamed. I think the final score was 26-0. Antonio had two great tackles as safety. On two other occasions he was outrun by the running back which surprised the hell out of me. Antonio is very fast, but this kid was faster still and was able to pull ahead despite Antonio’s good position to intercept him. Rosedale did a really good job at breaking tackles. Where normallywe get a hold of the runner and we bring them down, the Rosedale ball carriers were able to pull free. Bronco Blue now has a 2-3 record.

The rest of the day was spent watching football on TV and the kids had some of their teammates come over and we ran a two-hand touch game outside in our front lawn. Jets play tonight and I’ll hopefully get out for a little while with some friends. This coming week Antonio plays on Friday and Marco on Sunday.

LI Broncos: Orange vs. Plainview

Marco’s team lost  this game, 30-19, but it was still a fun time. I made this little video. I was happily surprised to see that YouTube no longer kills your audio track when you use a copyrighted song. They only block the song in certain countries and provide a link to buy on iTunes and Amazon. Sweet!

Watch in HD if you have it. Marco is #19, but he’s hard to spot as he’s on the other end of the field. Notice he makes the last tackle of the game, though.

LI Broncos: Week 3 & 4

I was in Munich for Oktoberfest for week 3 so I missed both games.

Marco’s Orange team won bringing their record to 3-0 and Antonio’s team lost at the hands of North Babylon, leaving them with a sore 1-2 record.

In week 4, Antonio missed his game because it was on a Saturday and the family went to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos for Marco’s Birthday. Antonio’s team enjoyed a crushing win, something like 30-0, bringing their record to 2-3. Too bad he wasn’t there as I’m sure he would have gotten a lot of play time.

Week 4 saw Marco’s team face off against Plainview, another 3-0 undefeated team. The Plainview team was very good. They crushed us in the first half and got up to 24-0. Orange did manage to deny all of their extra points. In pee-wee, no-one kicks a field goal. If you do, it’s two points. People just run another play for a possible 1 point. We stopped all of their extra points. After the half, we came back to score 2 touchdowns, bringing us to 13. We had hope! Unfortunately, Plainview went and scored another touchdown bringing their score to 30. Hopes were dashed, but we did manage to score one more after that. In the end, Orange lost 30-19 bringing our record to 3-1. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to face off against them again if we make it to the playoffs.

I will try and post some more pictures over the weekend. I also owe this blog a proper synopsis of Oktoberfest, which was awesome. I am going to try and do a Burning Man / Oktoberfest comparison as requested buy one of my friends. It should be funny.