Meeting meanderings

I was bored at a meeting one day and started bleeding inane nonsense I was so terribly bored. I thought I’d post some of those notes here on a semi-daily basis.

Back to the Mac (Pro)

So, my Mac Pro is back in business and as far as I can tell it’s behaving flawlessly. What a shame, it looks like the video card died at the same time I was upgrading my hard drives. That’s a mighty strange coincidence, but so far it looks as if that’s what it was… just a coincidence. The whole fiasco cost me 2 weeks and $260 bucks. Meh.

The new drives are behaving well. I have two 7200rpm 1TB WS Caviar Black drives added to my originala 500GB factory-installed Seagate drive I plan to keep the original 500GB drive as my OS drive, one of the caviars (CAVE1) will have misc files, raw camera files, virtual machines, etc. CAVE2 (the second Caviar drive) will exclusively have video files. Adobe Photoshop uses the Caviars for scratch space.

So far, the machine isn’t performing better, though it’s clear  that certain operations are much faster when I’m able to take advantage of the multiple spindles. Copying from one folder to another on the same drive is slow, while copying to a separate drive is fast.

Now I can finish off the football season, finally, and author the end-of-season DVD’s for the families of all the players. That’s a largish project and while I’m sure my laptop could handle it, it would not be pleasant.