Summer begins

So, summer began officially last week with the Summer Solstice, school ending, and surely now with the passing of June 2011 into memory. So far things have been really going well. Weather has been good, kids have been having fun with their friends, and we’ve been getting outdoors a bunch.

June saw many track meets and I got quite the tan just by sitting in the stands for 6 hours at a clip. Marco finished Lacrosse camp this week and it looks like we have a new favorite sport for him. Antonio started to get interested as well. I hope they both want to play in a league next spring. I’ve been trying to get them to play for years and it came down to downright tricks just to get them to try it. Now it looks like they’re hooked. Oh, and don’t let me forget about Serafina. She was right out there with the boys and she is able to scoop and throw like she was born with that lacrosse stick in her hand. It was amazing. I am definitely going to do my best to get her to sign up for a league next year!

Football season starts in a little over a month and I’m looking forward to that. LI Broncos football takes a lot out of our schedule, but the games are exciting to watch and the organization is well-run. Lots of cool people are involved and last year we had a blast.

We’ve been doing a lot outdoors, too. From playing in the front yard, to diving into the pool, to fishing at the Marina. I did a fishing clinic with Marco last week out east in Wading River. We learned a lot and the kids loved it.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Independence Day, enjoy the long weekend.