Unbelievably horrible things

WARNING: If you are at all squeemish, do not click on any of these links. Obviously this is not all fun and games. Some of these people are in real pain and it’s not funny… at all. In fact, it’s all rather horrible.

I recently somehow stumbled upon this thing called a Guinea Worm… it’s this crazy parasite that people get when they drink water infected with the larvae of the worm. The good news is that our old friend Jimmy Carter has helped nearly eradicate this scourge form the Earth.

Like an idiot, I went and googled pictures of this worm. Man! Then, like a train wreck I went and googled videos. My god. Watch this documentary for a pretty complete picture. It’s not pretty.

Youtube recommend that I watch videos on human bot fly removal. What can be worse than a guinea worm? Well, nothing really, but a motherfucking bot fly is a close second.

This video opens up, “In 2009, I went on an 8 day hike with a couple of friends in the Bolivian Amazon.” With an opening like that you know how this ends. After you watch the video you’ll agree that he should have stayed home sucking down macchiatos at Starbucks. This video where people try and take it out themselves is even worse. Oh, and this one where they remove it from a little boy (warning: vertical video). It’s huge, and horrible. And here’s another one removed from a young boy. Nate had one removed. And this one is the mother of all bot fly removal videos: three huge mothers.

My friends, it gets worse. If you want more, you’re a sick and need help. But ok:

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.