Big Brother, Little Sister

Big Brother, Little Sister, originally uploaded by NickCody.

A few weeks ago, the family went upstate to rural Long Eddy New York for a weekend getaway with the Peake clan.

My friend Bruce’s father, Gary, has built quite a compound o n his 300-acre wilderness. It’s got a log cabin, an outhouse, two man-made ponds, a man-made lake, shooting targets, wilderness trails up the wazoo, and best of all a clubhouse complete with satellite TV and a keg on tap.

We slept in my new Mountain Hard Ware tent and it weathered a pretty strong rainstorm. I was on a camping trip a few years ago where my tent “failed” during a torrential downpour and the inside of the tent had puddles in it. It was a horrible night. Glad my Everest tent held up!

In a few weeks, we’re going camping with the Zingers and the Bortko’s so I’m looking forward to that.

Here, we see Antonio leading Serafina toward the clubhouse. There was a caged rattlesnake up there and I think they wanted to hear it get mad.


Movable Type has been flaky lately so I was finally forced to switch over to WordPress. The unfortunate thing is that my entire old site is literally gone. Search engines will soon forget about me and my online presence will dwindle to nothingness. I may try and repair some of the links but for now I view this as a clean slate.

Thank goodness that I used FeedBurner to manage my feed! Three cheers to starting my tag cloud all over again! Yay!