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RailsHelp.com FireFox Search Plugin

I created a quick and dirty Firefox Search Plugin for RailsHelp.com. You can install it here. When you install it, you can type in a Rails search term in the Firefox search box, like so:


This will basically bring you to railshelp.com. In the example above, the results returned by entering “render” in the search box.

Stupid, but wonderfully useful!

If you don’t like this search plugin and you want to delete it (or any Firefox Search Plugin) make sure you download and install the SearchPluginHacks extension. Once installed, restart Firefox, right-click on the offending search plugin in the search box dropdown and select ‘delete.’


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Thanks ever so much for creating this, I've just discovered the railshelp website this morning and thought of writing my own Firefox search plugin.

A quick google search found your one which works a treat and save me the bother!



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