Apple Repairs

So, I may have mentioned here or on #twitter that the hinge on my MacBook got damaged when I dropped the device. The Laptop worked, but the screen was weak and I wanted to get it fixed pronto because I heard, and seems obvious, that the remaining hinge can give up since it’s now under a different set of stresses. I brought it to my local Apple store  (geez, there are like 3 within 20 mins) and they said they can fix it for  $100.

I just got it back l ast night and the repair is perfect. In fact, they replaced my whole keyboard and casing around the keyboard. It feels like a new laptop, so cool! Apple is in my good graces.

Then, somewhat simultaneously, my iPhone gives me this strange error code 23. I read online that the iPhone is bricked. I bring the phone in and indeed, the phone needs to be replaced. But, since we only had a 1-year warranty and that expired 155 days before my visit, I was SOL. Apple sucks, bastards. The phone is less than a year old since it was replaced (under warranty) last Spring. I think between my wife’s iPhone and my iPhone, we had it replaced no questions asked 3 times in 1.5 years.Do they really make phones that crappy? The error 23 seems so stupid since the device, aside for the error, seems to work perfectly fine!

So, I’m out of an iPhone and will likely cancel my AT&T contract (which will cost  me $80 penalty). In a month or two, I’ll make that up in money saved by not having to pay for the plan. Then,  in the spring, I can assess whether I really  miss the little dog or my crappy work Blackjack 2 is enough for me.

In the end, expect a lot less twittering. Time to break out my Gen 3 iPod.