Another month is almost over. Lots happened. I already wrote about Marco’s NYS Championship. The very next week, my brothers and I went up to my dad’s place again in Binghamton, NY. We did a lot more organizing of is things when compared to what we did in our last visit just after he passed away. We did some cooking rather than eating out for our Saturday dinner. We used ingredients that dad had laying around: angel hair paste, frozen shrimp (which was like a year old), and mozzarella. This was the result. Hint, it was awesome.

On our way back, we stopped at a really good cheesesteak place called Cosmos. They make a good cheesesteak and have some decent sauces and fresh peppers you can add.

This past Saturday, my oldest son Giovanni and I ventured into the city for some volunteer work painting at a city middle school. It was a good experience for Giovanni. We even took the subway from Penn station. It wasn’t a short ride, but Giovanni learned a lot. Here is a picture of us together:

After that, we ventured uptown to the Hayden Planetarium at the AMNH. Giovanni is super-excited about Astronomy and Physics right now so I caught him at the peak of his interest. We saw one of the shows (which was just ‘ok’) and walked around the exhibits for an hour or two before heading home.

When I got home, I found out that we had 3 sleepovers going. Marco had his friend Joey, Antonio, his friend Joe, and Serafina (yes, you heard me) Serafina had her friend Andrew sleep over. I asked Lisa. I was like, Sera is… like 5… and she has a sleepover, with a boy?! Times are certainly changing.

Spring looks to be very, very busy:

  • Marco and Antonio are wrestling in the spring session
  • Marco has a national-level wrestling tournament in April where I’m driving to Columbus, Ohio.
  • All four kids joined CYO track!
  • Antonio and Marco joined flag football

Finally, I spent 5 hours and I completely cleaned my garage this weekend, yay!


Shooting in black and white

I have been shooting in black and white a little bit lately. I was always down on that, thinking I could always do it afterwards. Yet, I never did. Also, shooting in black and white makes you think different. You get new ideas. You take shots you might not have taken before. A crappy color photo can sometimes be a remarkable black and white.

Type Ia Supernova

My son Giovanni is becoming obsesses with Astronomy. We’ve been reading a book on Astronomy together and watching a ton of episodes of The Universe and How the Universe Was Made (the latter being superior, IMHO). One of the episodes we loved is the one about supernovae. Last night, we sat down and did a few drawings and this is the one I did of a Type Ia Supernova. I used pastels (again) and then scanned it into my computer and applied a few filters to make it look nice. This was an awesome opportunity for a lens flare effect in Photoshop! Below is the final image. Note, the slight blue haze around the white dwarf was a specific request from my son.

This image represents one of the stages leading to the Supernova. Wikipedia explains it nicely in this diagram: