Back to writing

A very old concept drawing, with my old title

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back to writing my novel, The Harvester, although this time around I have the working title, The Spacetime Gambit.

The process is more or less the same. Write a crappy first draft, one chapter at a time. Endlessly massage the pros like I’m kneading dough when I’m stuck on moving forward, then move forward until the next time I’m stuck and start making pizza again. This process worked to get me five drafts of my 120k novel the first time so why not give it another go.

The rewrite is seeing me spending a lot more time on the characters and the outline for the story. This is a contrast to the first go where I just started writing and was forced to spend months cleaning up plot holes (which eventually were cleaned). I see this time around as my attempt to write the book with the final mindset I developed after five drafts of the first one. Because my idea of what the book was going to be changed drastically over that time period, leaving me with some inconsistencies I didn’t like.

So here I am, another round. Wish me luck!