The Boondogglers Club (of America) and other adventures

Seems like the trend on this blog is to write a monthly post about what’s been going on. I am here now to continue that trend, though I need to catch up since March. In this blog post I concentrate on boondoggles and adventures. First, let’s enjoy a gallery of photos taken while on boondoggles.

What do you see in these pictures? You see a delicious single-malt scotch known as Laphroaig. I had that in London where you can find a number of other pictures of The Metropolis. The streetside paella and the random happenchance on a Spanish Tapas restaurant were extremely fortunate. You’ll find a decanter of delicious scotch at the desk of my good friend and father of the Legendary Asshole Meme. You’ll find a late-night shot of the Tribeca tavern, a place where we retired after enjoying a delicious burger at Nancy’s Whiskey Pub in Tribeca. You’ll see a bottle of my new favorite scotch known as Ardbeg. This Islay aqua vitae has a strong peaty character that I fell in love with in April at Whiskey Live. Moving from whiskey, you’ll find a few shots of the Empire Hotel, where my company held their most recent launch anniversary. Bad things happened that night. You’ll find a few photos from the Secret Science Club in Brooklyn, where one can enjoy good beer and hear a real live scientist talk about their research. We have  few pictures of a biergarten named Loreley, named after the Brauhaus in Cologne. There is a church in Cologne that the allied forces could not—or perhaps would not—bring down despite a massive bombardment of the city in the latter part of WWII. The Empire State Building stands proud in one photo and the honorable Briggs is captured holding a magical green ball before we delve into the wonderful world of crawfish at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Besides the wonderful times recorded above, this spring saw the launch of The Boondogglers Club (of America). Everything else above I beg you to google the sources, but here I give you the link on a silver platter. Myself and my esteemed boondoggler colleagues have started a Podcast where we explore midtown Manhattan in search of unique lunchtime experiences. You have to listen. It’s simply awesome. Check out the podcast and honor me with your subscription.