Green Screen

My son Antonio makes a lot of movies with his friends and puts them up on youtube. And by lots, I mean every few days he uploads a new video. Lots.

iMovie has a green screen feature which wasn’t working out so well against our semi-green walls. So, Antonio ordered a green screen and paid for it with his own money. It took about a week and finally arrived the other day. I didn’t expect such great results. I mean, the lighting was crude and the sheet came terribly folded. It seemed like the video would look simply terrible. Below is a video of his first test using the wonderful sheet of green. And by wonderful, I mean holy shit it works so well!


So, football season has begun on many levels. I’m happy the Jets have won their second straight game. They looked good today, as certainly handled the Jaguars better than they did Dallas. I was at the game today and the mood was pretty damn good! The Patriots are also 2-0 as are the Buffalo Bills. I have a soft spot for the Bills since I was a pretty big fan in the early 90’s when they made four straight runs for the Super Bowl, yet were denied each time. Brad Smith went to Buffalo from the Jets this year, I hope the Bills make good use of him and they have a great season.

Marco and Antonio are doing the Long Island Broncos again this year and each are having a ball. Last year they were rookies but this year they are both stronger and more confident. Each has been having pretty good game time and both are playing running back this year. They’re both on the small side, but both very quick so that position is a good fit for them.

And my oldest is starting to work his way into athletics which I’m thrilled about. Giovanni was never much into sports. But this year, things have changed. This past Spring he did track and field and this fall he’s doing flag football. He’s on a team with all his friends from school and he’s having a great time. Lisa and I are so happy for him.

And on the tech side of things…

I’m video taping every game and am starting to run out of disk and backup space again. Tonight, I’m spending some time going through some old footage and compressing it from 1080i/25Mbps to a more modest 720p/123Kbps. That’s a 200x space savings and the quality difference is minimal for every day viewing. If I want to use the footage in a second video, quality will degrade further but this is a sacrifice I need to make right now.

I maintain 2TB of drive space and 2TB of backup space. At some point, I’ll need to double this to 4TB/4TB but to do this, I need to start thinking about RAID devices like a Drobo or Cisco array. My budget can’t handle that right now so I’ll just need to compress things for now.