My family and I just returned from holiday in Australia. Traveling so far and being so far out-of-time with our friends and family in the Northern Hemisphere was a dramatic experience and I have no doubt my family will remember for the rest of their lives

We were fortunate to have “missed” the terrible fires that have been ravaging the country, but such fortune is not to be celebrated. Go follow and see some of the devastation and heartbreak for yourself.

Horrendous fires seem to follow my travels. In October, I traveled to Napa Valley to run a massive relay run Ragnar Napa Valley 2019 but the race was canceled because a massive wildfire broke out on the course. Google it. It fucking happened. California wildfires are a matchstick compared to the Australia wildfires and I do not mean to downplay any of the tragedy of the California fires. Those are terrible. It’s just the Australia ones are on a far larger scale.

The lesson for me here is that the trip was a blessing and something I dare not take for granted. We had a wonderful time as a family. My heart goes out to all of the beautiful Australians who’ve suffered losing their homes, or worse, losing ones they love.

Here is a link to donate to support the fire brigades in Australia. Peace!

And on the brighter side, here are some photos from my trip:

Peace my friends.