Running update

So, it seems as if I’ve went and gotten in better running shape by early April than I was at the peak of last season. This weekend, I took two of my sons up to see my dad in German, NY. This is a little town about 30 minutes North of Binghamton. My dad built his own house there since he enjoys the country. It was a great trip and I managed to get in three good runs while the kids played with Grandpa.

I ran 3 miles on Friday, 4 on Saturday, and 5.3 on Easter Sunday. While my pace is still slow (the hills can explain part of that), I think I did pretty well. Here is a table describing each run:

Date Distance Pace Elevation Gain Average HR
4/2 3.04 255 ft. 13:48 min/mi 163 bpm
4/3 4.08 271 ft. 14:29 min/mi 157 bpm
4/4 5.36 528 ft. 14.22 min/mi 154 bpm

Today, I’m going to rest my running legs and try and get on the bike for a few hours. I still haven’t started to train on the bike or in the pool so I better have at it soon.