The Sun and Superman

Who agrees that Superman is not “powered” by the Sun, but instead the sun’s energy is simply a catalyst for some inexplicable reaction within his Kryptonian body that enables Superman to generate a lot more energy than his surface area could ever absorb directly from the sun?

Back to the grind…

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been in the office and even longer since my head has been in the game. Yet here I am back at my desk. I’m mostly caught up on e-mail. I have a list of things I need to do in the short term and it’s all manageable. I’ll get more productive on longer-term projects next week. For now, baby steps.

Things at home are equally busy. I am getting more involved with Antonio’s basketball, doing my best to encourage him to take more risks and push himself. It’s a bit challenging since I don’t know much about the rules of the game, technique, or strategy. Marco has a huge County wrestling championship on Sunday. It will be far more intense as he won’t be in a random bracket with 3-4 guys, he’ll wrestle until he’s knocked out or becomes a county champ in his weight class. He has 16 straight wins, all of them by large margins, so I’m in the rare position of having hope that he actually has a shot. We’ll see.

Giovanni and I continue to go to Tae Kwon Do. Classes are very exhausting and I see Giovanni improving immensely now that he’s taking adult classes with me, rather than Children classes which is what he took until the past few months. Giovanni is totally into science, which is awesome since so am I. We’re having a lot of good discussions about astronomy lately. We also talk quite a bit about super-heroes as his interest in them has been rekindled. I use super-hero conversations as a good vector for talking about physics too.

Sera still isn’t involved in anything like sports or brownies yet. We plan to start her off in track this spring, so that should be fun. She turns five this month and is growing up so fast.

On the tech side of things, I’m rapidly consuming hard drive space as I continue to work on my video project. I have hundreds of hours of old DV and HDV tapes that I’m importing into iMovie. So far it’s been going really, really well. I have iMovie tweaked out to work really well. I find myself in a decent position to put together videos on any topic I choose, having a gazillion clips to choose from over the last 12 years. I ran out of backup storage, though, and had to order a 2TB drive to ensure none of this gets lost.