Bedtime Stories

I originally saw Bedtime Stories—one of Adam Sandlers better films—possibly in the theaters when it came out. I don’t quite remember. At least I am sure that my two oldest saw the movie already. For some reason, the movie came up in casual conversation on the way home from football camp. Antonio was telling Marco about it and we all got kind of excited to see it again. As it turns out, Lisa had never seen it nor had Serafina. This was the makings of a grand movie night.

When we got home, popcorn was made, the lights were turned off, and the volume turned up. In the end, huge success! Everyone was dancing and kicking the shit out of each other during the credits. For some reason, Marco turned into Bruce Lee and his brothers were sparring with him. Much crying and revenge ensued. I’m not sure why this happened as there was no martial arts action in the movie. Maybe this is just the way these boys show their excitement. In any case, all went to bed soon enough without complaint.

The cast for this movie is impressive: Adam Sandler, Keri Russel (do you remember Felicity?), Guy Pierce (the Momento guy!), Russel Brand (ha, love him), Richard Griffiths (the d-bag uncle in Harry Potter films), Teresa Palmer (so hot), Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless!), and Courtney Cox. Oh, and a brief appearance by Carmen Electra who was the so-called ‘hot girl.’ PS: she had nothing on Teresa Palmer, Lucy Lawless, or even Keri Russel, IMHO.

If you haven’t seen it, highly recommended.

Dead Snow, just for you @carlohartelucci

I just finished watching a really great zombie flick called Dead Snow, a Norwegian film with English subtitles. If you  like Zombie films and you like WWII films and you like seeing people hanging from cliffs, holding on to a zombie’s entrails for their dear life, then Dead Snow is for you. Rarely will you find a film with more death clichés, more gore, and more pissed off med students doing their best to stave off a horde of crazed Nazi zombies. In the end, it doesn’t matter. I mean, how can you beat a horde of zombies, let alone Nazi zombies.

Here is a clip from one of my favorite scenes:

Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this.