LI Broncos – Week 6

On Friday, Antonio’s “Blue” pony team lost to West Babylon Eagles during a windy, rainy night. The final score was 18-6, I think, and two of the opposing scores were caused by the Eagles’ stripping the ball from the ball carrier and running all the way back for a touchdown. We stopped all of their extra points, but could only get into our own end zone once. It was a real heartbreaker. This brings Bronco Blue’s record to 2-4. Next week we square up against Valley Stream.

Speaking of heartbreakers, Marco’s team lost to our “Blue” pee-wee team (Marco is on “Orange”). Marco played defensive end on D and tight end on offense (I think that’s what it was called). He’s at the end of the offensive line and helps block while the running back runs behind him. The final score was something like 13-7. This bring’s orange’s record to 4-2. Next week we face East Meadow.

Earlier that weekend, we woke up to see our front yard was toilet-papered by the 6-7 year old cheerleaders. At halftime during Marco’s game, the boys were given flowers and offered them to a lineup of the cheerleaders, thanking them for their support during the season. It was very cute. Marco ran up to his cheerleader and threw the flower down on the ground as he turned back toward his lineup. From now on, the cheerleaders will be in competition and won’t be at our games anymore.

I owe three videos: Pee-Wee Orange vs. Malverne (last week), Pee-Wee Orange vs. Blue (this week), and Pony Blue vs. West Babylon (this week).