Getting real

I spammed most of you again yesterday with respect to my Race4Rwanda fundraising efforts, apologies! It’s 3 days before the main event and I’m basically doing my best to take it easy, eat well, and resist the urge for a nice Belgian beer!


Here is a picture of me when I was a kid, probably in 2nd grade. I ran track back then before I switched to playing goalie in soccer. I was mostly non-athletic until 8th grade when I went back to my track roots and was on the track team as a hurdler. That was fun but I only did it for a year before I got a job and went back to non-athleticism. In 1995 when I was 26 I started doing Tae Kwon Do. In 2000, I got my black belt. However, I still wouldn’t consider myself athletic… more like someone who liked to jump around, tumble, and act like an idiot more that run or compete in any way. I competed in only two tournaments as a black belt and won gold medals both times, but competition was scarce and opponents were huge mostly due to my oversized mid-section.


So now I’m running in a freaking Triathlon. I would be thrilled if you can support me or just wish me luck. Please consider making a pledge here:

Thank you!