LI Broncos Football Weeks 8, 9, and Playoffs

Well, LI Broncos football is coming to an end. For Marco, the end has already come and Antonio has his semi-final game on Sunday against a team we already beat in the regular season. After a long drought of wins during the middle of the season, both teams started to win toward the end of the season. Marco’s 6-7 aged “Pee-Wee” team ended up 7-2 while Antonio’s 10-11 aged “Pony” team wound up 4-5.

Everyone makes the playoffs. Playoffs are organized by grouping each team into a tier of peers with similar regular-season records. This year, there were 5 tiers for both age groups. For Marco, his team had the privilege of being sent to Tier 1 where the best 8 teams were all sent. For Antonio, his team made it into Tier 4. Marco played strong-side safety on defense and tight-end on offense. He had a bunch of really nice runs and they had a special play named after him. They called it “Pro Left Marco Reverse”. In this play, Marco left the line and took a hand-off from the QB and ran around the left side of the field. I love watching his face when he gets the ball and bolts. So much excitement. Antonio was moved from safety to the defensive line mid-season so it was hard to see what he was doing in the big clash of bodies that began each play. Antonio played a hard season of football and paid his dues with kids who have been playing for 5 to 6 years.

Here you can see the Tier-1 Bracket that the Pee-Week team was in, Marco’s team is highlighted in yellow:


Here is Antonio’s bracket, we have home field advantage!


Video for the West Babylon Gold game can be found here. This was one of the best videos I took since the announcer was so good and his voice can be heard so clearly:

Seaford Blue vs. West Babylon Gold

I don’t have a video up yet of Marco’s playoff game, but here is a good video of his team’s win over Copiague:

Seaford Orange vs. Copiague

More updates as they come.