Spring Update

So it’s spring, I think. It was warm all winter then we had  this crazy cold day yesterday which felt like it was winter again. Then today was beautiful. Go figure. It’s nice to see  the days getting longer and it’s still light when I’m heading home from work. Only I’ve been working late in recent weeks so it hasn’t been so light when I left. Go figure.

Yesterday, all four of my kids had flag football games and the weather was miserable. Sera’s game was first and she toughed it out like a champ. All of the kids were cold but she ran with the ball and grabbed flags and seemed to have a great time. Marco, with all his superpowers, was no more than a puddle of tears. He hates being cold. He gets miserable and was useless to play. I comforted him as much as I could. It’s amazing how he can deteriorate like that when his little sister practically danced in the rain. The older two boys also played in the cold, less rain, but more wind. They lost and brought their season to 3-1, I think. Today, all of the kids had games again but the weather was glorious. Marco was on top of his game and did wonderfully. Antonio and Giovanni played really well too and won their game. I was proud of them all. At the end of the game the coaches started arguing over the final play of the game and things got ugly. I think the game was actually stricken from the record as a result. Crazy town.

Lisa and I signed up for some kind of obstacle course race in June so I started to train. I’ve been running for the past two weeks, about 5 days a week running about 1.5 miles. Easy. My pace is as slow as it ever was, about 12 minutes per mile. I bumped up my run to 3 miles today and I felt good. Kids are off the week after Easter so I’m looking forward to taking a day or two off work and spending some time with them.

Can’t wait for summer, opening the pool, grilling food and drinking some good summer beer.