Primordial Ooze Trends

When I started my blog in late 2003, it was meant to be technical, geeky, and funny. I honored that for a while. I used to write about .NET, Astronomy, and did a whole lot on Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. Then, as my career saw me managing more than coding, I stopped writing about programming and started posting videos on toilet humor. Lately, I’ve been having a bit of a rennaisance with respect to programming and technology so I’ve been trending back. Of course, throughout, I’ll still be talking about beer and farts because, if you think about it, only talking about tech topics would be no fun.

Here is a graph I put together from my FeedBurner feed statistics web thingy. I started collecting stats on Feedburner in late 2004, so I missed about a year of stats.


Here is a long-term report generated by my web host, going back to 2000:


Here are search terms that drive traffic toward my site in the past month:


And here is Google Analytics search terms over the past year:


I guess I wrote a lot about maps at one point. Enjoy!